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We are delighted to announce that after a very complex 4 year Patent Application process, we have been granted our Patent, for an idea which we first had 10 years ago

A patent is granted by the Government to provide the right of ownership to the inventor of a new invention for a limited period, with legal protection against the use or sale of the invention without the patent owner’s express permission, and with the right of enforcement against parties that infringe the patent.

Macdeck Landscaping has invented the World’s first adaptable deck system using a timber deck structure.

Our Patent is now insured against infringement by others.

Macdeck Landscaping’s invention allows any traditional landscaping materials – bark, chips, tiles ( Porcelain ), paving and lawn to be placed on a timber deck structure – at any height off the ground.

No need for concrete foundations, blockwork, brickwork, heavy plant or machinery, normally used in the standard method of construction.

All trialled over 4 years with a 100% success rate.

We believe it will change the way gardens can be designed - levelling sloping gardens without the need for retaining walls, lifting flooded gardens above water levels, sealing balconies and decks, bringing your inside tile out to your raised deck, reclaiming redundant land.

Our System can be used alongside Softwood or Composite deck – a paved patio area within your softwood deck.

We can literally put gardens in the air.

We have to say, we would never have got this far without  our Patent Attorney -  the extremely talented Bev at OuzmanIP. 

IntroducingMacdeck System

The Macdeck system was first thought of after a customer asked us to replace a rotten tiled deck that was constructed, using plywood coated in bitumen, fixed to joists.

This got us thinking - how could you build a timber structure that could provide a platform, for an alternative to standard timber decking. Over a substantial period of time, through research, prototypes and testing we set about designing a system that allows any standard landscaping material to be placed on a timber structure.

Test were carried out both at Strathclyde University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department and the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland’s Advanced Forming Research Centre, providing data that allowed us to obtain required information to match, and surpass loadings required, on a standard timber deck.

A floating garden - thanks to our innovative Macdeck System!
Gardens big and small
Patios, decking areas and gazebos

Our History

Macdeck is an Innovative, Professional Deck building company with over 20 years in deck construction that has gradually moved into Landscaping due to demand from customers to provide the complete Landscaping service. We specialize in decking, timber structures, cabins, landscaping and garden redesign with an innovative look to each project.

Our Engineering background enables us to deal with the most awkward of gardens, from steep slopes to flooded grounds to such an extent that we have invented a completely innovative deck system ( Patent Pending ) providing innovative solutions which allow us to create designs that transform your garden, can provide more space and enhance the value of your property – The “Macdeck System“.

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