Introducing: Macdeck System

The Macdeck system was first thought of after a customer asked us to replace a rotten tiled deck that was constructed, using plywood coated in bitumen, fixed to joists.

This got us thinking - how could you build a timber structure that could provide a platform, for an alternative to standard timber decking. Over a substantial period of time, through research, prototypes and testing we set about designing a system that allows any standard landscaping material to be placed on a timber structure.

Test were carried out both at Strathclyde University’s Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering department and the National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland’s Advanced Forming Research Centre, providing data that allowed us to obtain required information to match, and surpass loadings required, on a standard timber deck.

Tiles or paving don`t crack and also allow a dry area below the deck - lawn, bark or chips allow rain to pass though on to the ground below.

They can all be combined to create your complete garden at any height off the ground.

Our System has recently just been granted a Patent and, we believe, it is the only decking system in the World able to allow paving, tiles, lawn, bark or chips to be placed on a timber structure.

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