Macdeck System:What it does

The Macdeck system enables you to lay any typical Landscaping materials on a timber deck structure.

Paving, tiles, aggregate, bark, artificial grass and even lawn can be lain on top of your timber frame to create a totally unique and stunning deck.

The Macdeck system can be used in conjunction with normal softwood timber decking, composite decking or on it`s own, creating a style that is innovative, modern and in harmony with your house and home.

The Macdeck System reduces the Carbon Footprint required for the conventional build of the same structures - Patios no longer require tons of type 1 build up, no need for brickwork/blockwork/cement - no requirement for diggers, skips, dumpers etc. Sloping gardens can now have level lawns without the additional requirement of foundations, retaining walls, tons of soil build up etc.

Build a strong timber structure then use our Macdeck System and the work is achieved in less time and with less impact on the environment and, most importantly, is re-useable - eg. a lawn deck can be removed years later and be replaced with a paved patio. 

 The Macdeck system allows you to create Gardens in the Air.

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