Case Studies:AshburnStirling

Project goals

Our Customer approached us, through previous work, and asked us to design a complete new garden for their land which was going to accommodate their new home build.

The major issue was their land was flanked by two burns which in the Winter merged and flooded their land ( no excavation work or movement of natural lay of land was allowed).


Survey was carried out using lasers to obtain information to find exact height water reached before dispersing across neighbouring fields.

Ground markers where used to indicate maximum flood levels at various points around land prior to work commencing.

Drawings were presented to Client to go over and make any necessary changes - directions of walkways, options for patio areas, summerhouse base etc.


Deck structures were constructed using new house as central point.

Walkways built around house then leading off to various areas of their land.

All supporting posts were coated in bitumen prior to main construction to protect when floods happened.

We worked with our Client on a daily basis, making design changes to suit as work progressed.

Finished project

Using our Macdeck System we were able to lift their whole garden above the flood plain.

Walkways, patios, decks, gravel paths and lawn all raised above flood levels - creating an interesting garden in the dry weather and their own waterfront in the wet.

The boat looks at home anytime of the year.