Case Studies:RedclyfeHelensburgh

Project goals

Our Clients garden was on various levels, with awkward stairs & steps and limited actual usable areas, with slopes off one side which made a large section of garden redundant.

The aim was to create a much more accessible garden ( more than 4 times existing size), with more space, additional areas and a sheltered section for when the winds picked up


We surveyed the garden, determining the various heights starting at door level to lowest point around the desired areas

Drawings were presented to our customers to go over and tweak, where required, prior to work commencing - best areas for sun during day and evening, area where wind hit most, where to provide access point down to lower garden

A critical task was to create new steps down to lower garden tying in with existing landing of old steps


All existing rails and steps were removed along with shrubs & bushes on slope.

Heights were calculated at each level and structures built to suit

Out lining positions of each areas and their levels created specific work areas for structures , infilling with supports and posts as work progressed.

Screened fencing, mesh panels and glass where positioned around perimeter of deck at agreed areas.

Our Customer was involved each step of the way and any changes of design implemented as project progressed

Finished Project

Using our Macdeck System we were able to completely lift the garden up to our Customers desired levels, providing easy access to all upper areas plus greatly increasing their garden areas.

Patio area outside patio doors was a modern tiled deck with lower areas Indian sandstone decks.

Screening off the new Patio area to provide privacy, a windscreen and the screen could be lit up in the evening.

Mix of glass and mesh panels surrounded all high levels.

Sunken floor level bed along with sleeper planters to provide planting areas.

Under normal methods of construction, deep foundations would have to be dug, followed by large retaining walls and tons of type 1 and soil build-up, using the Macdeck system none of this was required.